Dare to Risk it All

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Lyrics from "Sofia the First: The Curse of Princess Ivy"
Performed by Mandy Moore as Rapunzel

Once I met a man
A thief, a cad
With a selfish plan
That made me mad
Love set his heart aglow
So sweet, so strange
But first he had to show
That he could change

When I was in a spot
My back against the wall
He gave it all he got
And dared to risk it all
Things were getting rough
But he answered the call

He had to stay tough
And dare to risk it all
He was brave enough
To finally dare to risk it all

Putting yourself first
Led you astray
So now it seems you're cursed
To your dismay
To make up for your deeds
And prove you've grown
Try putting others' needs
Before your own

Your family's in a spot
Their backs against the wall
So give it all you've got
And dare to risk it all
If things start getting rough
Just answer the call

You have to stay tough
And dare to risk it all
I know you're brave enough
To finally dare to risk it all

To save the ones you love
You have to rise above
The curse is sure to fall
But only if you dare
Dare to risk it all!

Lyrics compiled by Disneyclips.com

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